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Temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit is a document that certifies the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and confirms the legal grounds for temporary residence in Ukraine. Since June 1, 2018, it has been produced in the form of a card with a contactless electronic medium.

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Issuance of a temporary residence permit

The permit is issued to foreigners or persons who are temporarily staying on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds and who:

  • have reached or not reached the age of 16, but independently arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study based on personally submitted applications;
  • Persons who have not reached the age of 16 or who have been recognized as unlimitedly competent or incompetent according to the applications-questionnaires, specified in parts two to thirteen of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine «On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons», to which they arrived for the purpose of family reunification.

Grounds for refusal:

  • the presence of a foreigner or a stateless person with a passport or a permanent residence permit (except in cases of exchange of a permit), a passport of a refugee or a person granted additional protection, which are valid on the day of the application;
  • a foreigner or a stateless person is in the territory of Ukraine in violation of the established period of stay or there is an unfulfilled decision of an authorized state body on forced return, forced deportation or entry ban;
  • the data obtained from the databases of the Register, the card file, do not confirm the information provided by a foreigner or a stateless person;
  • it is established that the person belongs to the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • a legal representative who does not have documented authority to obtain a certificate applied for a certificate;
  • a foreigner or a stateless person submitted the documents and information necessary for registration and issuance of a permit not in full or in violation of the terms specified in clauses 17 and 18 of this Procedure;
  • received information from the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, or another state body that the actions of a foreigner or a stateless person threaten national security, public order, health, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons living in Ukraine;
  • a foreigner’s passport document or a document certifying a stateless person is forged, defaced or does not conform to the established model, or belongs to another person, or has expired;
  • the fact of submission of knowingly false information or forged documents by a foreigner or stateless person has been established;
  • discovered facts of non-compliance by a foreigner or a stateless person with a decision of a court or state bodies authorized to impose administrative penalties, or have other property obligations to the state, natural or legal entities, including related to previous deportation outside Ukraine, including after the expiration of the ban on further entry into Ukraine;
  • in other cases provided by law.

You can order this service at Passport Service Centers in the cities: Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi.

A list of documents is required

  • A foreigner’s passport document or a document certifying a stateless person, in the presence of a type D visa, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation and international treaties of Ukraine (returned after presentation) and its copy;
  • A document certifying the identity of a legal representative and a document confirming the authority of a person as a legal representative (in case of submission of documents by a legal representative) (original documents are returned after presentation, copies are submitted);
  • Translation into Ukrainian of the pages of a foreigner’s passport document or a document certifying a stateless person with personal data, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  • A valid health insurance policy for the entire duration of the voucher;
  • If there is a document on exemption from payment of the administrative fee (the original is returned after presentation, a copy is submitted);

Additional documents, depending on the purpose of temporary residence


  • permission to employ a foreigner;
  • employment contract (permit not required);
  • employment contract and certificate of a foreign Ukrainian;
  • employer’s obligation to notify early termination of the contract

International technical assistance (ITA):

  • submission of the state institution, enterprise, or organization that is the recipient of the ITA project;
  • a certified copy of the ITA project registration card.

Conduction of religious activities:

  • presentation of a religious organization;
  • approval of the state body that registered the religious organization

Participation in the activities of affiliations, branches, representative offices and other centers, foreign non-governmental organizations (FNO):

  • submission of a branch (department, representative office, other structural unit) of the FNO;
  • certificate of registration of the FNO branch in Ukraine

Work in representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine:

  • representation of a foreign company;
  • certificate of registration of the representative office

Work in branches of foreign banks in Ukraine:

  • submission of a branch/representative office of a foreign bank in Ukraine;
  • certificate of accreditation of the branch/representative office

Cultural, scientific, educational activities, participation in volunteer programs:

  • submission of the state body responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports or volunteer programs

Work as a correspondent or representative of foreign mass media:

  • the appeal of foreign mass media;
  • submission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine

Founder/participant/beneficiary legal entity. a person registered in Ukraine (the size of the share is not less than EUR 100,000 at the official rate of the NBU):

  • a copy of the legal founding document of legal entity, certified by his authorized official;
  • written commitment of legal entity to inform the person about the foreigner’s loss of the status of its founder/participant/beneficiary;
  • other documents, depending on the type of foreign investment:
  • information on the size of the share in monetary form;
  • a copy of the cargo customs declaration for the property contributed to the statutory fund;
  • a copy of the act of acceptance and transfer of property;
  • securities account statement.


  • a certified copy of the order of the higher education institution on enrollment and establishment of study periods;
  • the obligation of the higher education institution to notify the LMS of the deduction.

Family reunification with a citizen of Ukraine:

  • a document confirming being married to a citizen of Ukraine;
  • PСU, with which the foreigner is married;
  • 1 if the marriage was concluded outside Ukraine in accordance with the law of a foreign state, the validity is determined according to the Law «On International Private Law»

Family reunification with persons who have a temporary residence permit in Ukraine (parts 2−13 of Article 4 of the Law «On the Legal Status of Foreigners…»):

  • a document according to which they are considered family members of such a person under the law of the country of origin;
  • a document stating that the receiving party has sufficient financial support to support family members;
  • a temporary residence permit of a person to whom a family member has arrived

Released from the point of temporary stay of foreigners (RPTSF):

  • a certificate of retention in the RPTSF, indicating the reasons for dismissal.

Requirements for the terms of submission of documents for obtaining a passport:
Up to 15 working days before the end of the foreigner’s legal stay in Ukraine.